Illinois Plumbing Laws Files

  • Illinois Plumbing Laws
  • The Illinois General Assembly has "declared" that individuals who plan, inspect, install, alter, extend, repair and maintain plumbing systems shall be individuals of proven skill.
  • Testing Of Backflow Prevention Devices
  • In the case of a residential or commercial irrigation system, a reduced pressure principle backflow prevention device (RPZ) is required between the potable water supply and the irrigation system.
  • Plumbing Contractor Registration
  • The State of Illinois registers plumbing contractors and state law requires that anyone doing plumbing work in Illinois be registered with the State of Illinois or the City of Chicago.
  • Plumbing Codes
  • Plumbing codes outline the best and most modern methods to be used in plumbing installations.
  • Inspections And Permits
  • Through the issuance of permits and the requirements of public inspection, a community can assure itself of proper plumbing code enforcement.
  • EPA Certification
  • The EPA under the Clean Air Act requires individuals working on refrigeration equipment, including residential air conditioning units, to be certified in the proper handling of "ozone-depleting" substances.
  • Advertising Plumbing Services
  • For protection of its citizens, the State of Illinois requires that any person advertising plumbing services must include the Plumbing License Number

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