Plumbing Contractor Registration Renewal Concerns at IDPH

The PCA has recently been informed by several of our contractors that they have been experiencing technical difficulties renewing their Illinois Plumbing Contractor Registration on the IDPH website.

The IDPH system will lock out the user and not allow completion of the renewal process if the information is entered incorrectly. If this happens, the IDPH advises these users to send an email to and explain that they have been locked out of the renewal process and provide them with the name of the plumbing business and the plumbing contractor registration number (055 number). The IDPH asks that people allow up to 5 days for a response to these emails.

Also, we suggest that once the renewal has been processed and is shown on the IDPH License Verification site that PCA contractors take a screenshot/photo of the verification page as proof that their registration is valid.

In the meantime, if any PCA contractor needs available IDPH approved C.E. classes being offered throughout the state, click here.

Note: the PCA has temporarily refrained from conducting in-person classes due to Illinois' COVID-19 restrictions and for the overall health and safety of our membership.

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