Is Venting Freon Illegal?

Yes, it is illegal and punishable by significant fines to vent Freon, the most common substance used in residential air conditioning equipment, to the open air. The prohibition on venting covers maintenance, servicing, repair and disposal of air-conditioning or refrigeration equipment. The technician servicing your unit must know how—and have the proper equipment—to recapture any Freon in the system.

What is the Illinois Plumbing Code?

A plumbing code is not a plumber's code. It is rather a set of rules and regulations imposed by cities, counties and states on anyone who undertakes any work involving the installation of drinking water, sewer or toilet facilities in homes, offices, factories, schools, nursing homes, prisons and hospitals.

The Illinois Plumbing Code establishes minimum requirements for plumbing products. The Illinois Department of Public Health, however, has been unsuccessful in keeping plumbing products not meeting code out of retail establishments in the state. Should you undertake any plumbing repairs in your home, please make certain that the products you purchase and install meet minimum code standards.

How Do I Find a Contractor?

For a better overall experience and to ensure competence, use the link below to find a contractor near your home.

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How do the License Numbers Work?
City of Chicago Licenses start with PL or BC and have four or five digits after the letters. Licenses beginning with SL are not valid for plumbing work. To verify City of Chicago Licenses call (312) 744-3895. State of Illinois Licenses begin with 058 for plumbers and 056 for apprentices, followed by 6 digits. To verify State of Illinois Licenses call (217) 524-0791. Both licenses can be used throughout the state.
What is the Clean Air Act?

The EPA under the Clean Air Act requires individuals working on refrigeration equipment, including residential air conditioning units, to be certified in the proper handling of ozone-depleting substances. This is a mandatory program and all technicians are required to pass an EPA-approved test.

Does Illinois have a State Law about Plumbing?

The State of Illinois registers plumbing contractors, and state law requires that anyone doing plumbing work in Illinois be registered with the State of Illinois or the City of Chicago.

Illinois law requires that plumbing inspectors must be licensed plumbers. These individuals are also subject to advanced education requirements.

In order to maintain a plumbing license in Illinois the completion of at least 4 hours of approved continuing education courses is required each year.

What is a Plumbing License Number?

The State of Illinois requires that any person advertising plumbing services must include the Plumbing License Number of one member of the firm, partnership or officer of the corporation in all advertisements. The law further requires that this number be included with the plumbing identification on all vehicles.

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